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Transfer Factor Product Testimonials


Mary Ann - Diabetes




"In October 2002 I had a C-reactive Protein test (CRP) done to measure the level of inflammation in my artery walls after having read a number of articles indicating this type of inflammation as being the root cause of heart attacks. My CRP reading was 7.9, with 8.7 being about the highest and worst one can have. This test showed I was at very high risk of having a heart attack. One physician I shared this with commented, in front of a large audience, that if my CRP reading stayed at that level, I was virtually guaranteed to have a heart attack. From the day I received my CRP test results, to this day, I have consumed 4 targeted transfer factors daily. At the end of February, 2003, I had the CRP level checked again. In just four short months of consuming targeted transfer factors, I am now close to having the BEST level one could have, 1.1. The lowest and best reading on the chart is 1.0! I believe our targeted transfer factors product most likely saved my life."

Richard Helgeland, Washington


For the past fifteen years I have suffered from chronic bronchitis, regular sinus infections, and severe allergies.  I suffered from fatigue, migraine headaches, joint pain, and an overall weakening.  After eight months on TF I am a new person.  I feel like TF saved my life.  I tried every nutrient that I could find, but only TF made the difference

…   Naomi Jackson, Kansas.

I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical about Transfer Factor (Plus) when I first tried the product, but let me tell you, it's truly amazing! I have been a chronic allergy sufferer all my life. Each spring and fall, allergy attacks would invariably lead to miserable sinus infections, which would mean time off from work and feeling lousy for days. It also meant going to the doctor to get prescriptions for antibiotics - yuk! Needless to say, I was desperate for anything that would help me avoid what felt like a brush fire burning in my sinuses! And the fewer doctor visits and prescriptions to fill, the better, wouldn't you agree? Transfer Factor has really fit the bill. For the past two years, I have been able to take it at the first signs of allergy, and Transfer Factor works with my immune system to help stop the attack dead in its tracks. No more sinus infections! No more prescriptions! No more bad magazines at the doctor's office! Now, I recommend Transfer Factor to all my friends and coworkers. Not only for folks with allergies, but to help get them through the cold and flu season as well. Everyone who's tried it has become a believer, too! I know that it may sound too good to be true, but Transfer Factor really works for my immune system

… Carolyn


A friend of mine told me that I should have my son on transfer factors. He has AIDS, so we got him on it. First of all he wouldn't take it so I was sneaking it to him in his drinks and from his first doctor's visit until the next one his viral load went down from over 400,000 to 191,000. After he started taking it knowingly by mouth, his next blood test was down to 40,000 on his viral load. So we are very excited and hopeful and I'm just thankful for what transfer factors are doing for my son. For me, this is what I've been looking for years and I really believe in it. It's fun for me to share this with friends and I really think it's going to be the greatest!

... Connie A.


For five years I was on antibiotics for a severe case of acne.  I still broke out about 20%.  After 6 weeks on Transfer Factor™ my acne completely cleared up.  My dermatologist asked me to bring him some information on whatever I was taking

…  Marsha S.


My son Ryan has asthma.  He was on three inhalers per day.  After 9 days on Transfer Factor, he stopped using his inhalers.  We took him to the Doctor and learned that his lung function had returned to normal.  He has not touched an inhaler since July of 98

…  Kevin O.

I am 56 years old and has been suffering from asthma for the past 44 years. I have been taking medicines regularly to control my asthma. I was introduced to TF in August 2002 and began consuming it (TF Plus 6 cap per day) ever since and I found my health has improved generally and my asthma is not as severe and often as before. During my regular medical check-up in December my doctor told me that my lung is functioning properly now.

MS, Belait, Brunei Darussalam


I have been having pain caused by arthritis. It was gradually getting worse. Last Friday the pain was so bad that I could not fold the Sunday church bulletins. We left for North Carolina later that afternoon to visit out son and grandson. We drove straight through. I decided to double up on the Transfer Factor. Instead of taking 3 tablets a day, I started taking 6 tablets a day. I am writing this testimony on Tuesday evening (4 days after doubling up on Transfer Factor). The pain is almost completely gone. I am able to type this on my computer without any difficulty. Also, something else I discovered while we were at our son's house, I only sneezed 2 times in the 3 days we were there. Our son has 2 house cats. I am allergic to cats. Every time we have visited his house, I have several sneezing spells, I get all stuffed up and have difficulty breathing and my eyes get all red, itchy and watery. I did not have any of that happen this time. I am convinced that Transfer Factor has made the difference. Usually after an allergic reaction to the cats, I would return home and often develop a sinus infection. Not this time, however. Thanks to Transfer Factor

... Floris /Michigan

On one occasion during a routine cardio examination, the stand-by doctor in the hospital gave me some medication that was meant to help control my blood pressure. However, I developed a long-term dry cough. This lasted for 9 months. I coughed so much that my muscles around the ribs ached. An aggravated condition also appeared – I had pain and swellings in my joints – the toes, ankles, elbows, and even shoulders. This condition worsened and both my eyeballs also swelled up. My eyeball would touch my eyeglasses when I put them on. Then my doctor informed me the rheumatoid arthritis was attacking my brain.

In the period of one year I was hospitalized twice. On the second occasion I had blacked out. Both times I was in bad shape. My road to recovery was slow. I was on steroid (one tablet per day), and told to do some exercise. I found it difficult to do with my pain and weakened condition. But I tried my best. Then I encountered Transfer Factor sometime in end 2002. When I took the product, I noticed accelerated and rapid improvement in my exercise activity. I had started out with one capsule of TF a day. When I experienced the improvements, I took 2 capsules per day at the fourth month. From my blood tests, my rheumatoid factor came down considerably. My doctor was pleased. My dosage of steroid was reduced.

It is my opinion that Transfer factor helped me considerably in my recovery, and gave an edge to my immune system, and is continuing to help me maintain my health at the moment. I have been weaned off from the steroid drug totally.

Phang K.K, (67 years.), Kuala Lumpur


I have a 4 year old who is autistic. We began giving him TF in Nov. along with many vitamins and supplements that he was taking. He is also being treated for mercury toxicity and doing behavioral therapy. At his recent birthday party, several parents were amazed at the difference in him from a year ago. He has certainly gone from being the most sick person to the least sick person in our house. When you are not sick you can learn better. His progress with TF led me to become a distributor and everyone in our house now is on TF

… Mark…NC.

Brain tumor…

A doctor here in France tried TF+ on a patient with brain tumor who had not spoken for a month. After 5 days on TF+ the patient is speaking

… France.


My daughter, Jessica, was born on Oct 2000. From the moment we came home it was obvious there was something not quite right with her. She woke crying, fed poorly, and did stop crying until she fell asleep again.  Nothing we tried seemed to make a difference. When Jessica was 5 weeks old I visited Noel Maxwell ND and was told about TF. I took some capsules home to try and the results were marvelous . Overnight Jessica was a different baby. She woke up calmly, smiled at her toys, fed better, slept longer, easier bowel movements and she was definitely a happier baby

… Glenys… New Zealand.

I used 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ on a newborn with a thick upper airway, green nasal discharge, vomiting, and difficulty breathing, and he was clear within 3 days.


I am 37 years old, and two months ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. The pathologist said that he was 95% sure that I had papillary thyroid cancer. Well, I didn't believe him. So he gave the results to two other pathologists on blind study who confirmed that indeed I did have cancer. I was already following a nutritional program, so on top of that I started taking one transfer factors three time a day and two enhanced transfer factors three times a day. I took those on top of my baseline nutritional program for two solid weeks before my operation. They removed the entire thyroid and they could not find any cancer whatsoever. By the way, I have the lab results saying that I had cancer, and the follow-up lab results stating that I don't have cancer. I am really happy with the results

… Carlos P.

My name is Helen and I am a breast cancer survivor.  I had to pace myself with every task I undertook.  I wash my hair every day and always had to pause to rest while blowing my hair dry and I have very short hair.  I went on Transfer Factor Plus™. After 11 days, I no longer needed to rest drying my hair.  On the 12th day I went to a wedding.  I danced most of the evening and the only thing sore were my toes due the fact that I hadn’t worn high-heeled shoes for so long.  Now when my partner and I take the dog out for a walk I really have to watch my pace because quite often I’ll hear; "Helen slow down the dog and I can’t keep up."  I feel great and have energy to burn and friends now say I have a certain 'glow' about me

…  Helen

Dr Steve Siagel DVM reported on a man named Frank who had a brain tumor behind his nose ( a deadly kind of cancer). After 2nd cat scan the tumor had doubled in size. He started on TF+ and took his 3rd scan, it showed the tumor reduced in size. Four months alter his tumor is gone and year alter he is still in remission. He is now taking 4 TF+ daily.

I am 50 years old and has been diagnosed for breast cancer in 2001. I had my breast surgery done to remove the lump in December same year and thereafter underwent regular chemotherapy regimen. Regular medical check up did not indicate any improvement in my health status. I was very weak most of the time and getting thinner gradually.
I was introduced TF in May 2002 and I started taking nine capsules every day. My health was gradually improving. So did my appetite and weight By September my hospital doctor told me that I am free from cancer. I have recovered fully now.

Hjh Yah, Belait, Brunei Darussalam

Crohn’s disease… 

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1991.  Throughout the past several years I have suffered from constant pain in my abdomen along with irritability and other symptoms of Crohn’s disease.  Crohn’s disease being an inflammatory bowel disease also causes malnutrition.  Along with the Crohn’s, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus also known as chronic fatigue.  I had to take several naps during the day just to be able to regain my energy to perform little tasks. I chose not to take the drugs that were prescribed to me.  I looked towards alternative forms of treatment. Over the years I have tried many forms of therapy and supplements to help fight the Crohn’s.  I even went to a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico to try some new alternative treatment.  The most relief that I would have would last for a few weeks.  I’m 6’2" tall and my weight was down to 167 lb.  I just learned to live with it. In September of 1998 I learned about 4 Life Research and Transfer Factor™.  After taking Transfer Factor™ for a month I started to notice that I was sleeping through the night without any pain or irritability.  Then I noticed that I could eat foods that I had stayed away from due to the pain they would cause.  My energy level was lasting longer throughout the day and I wouldn’t have to take naps. It has now been five months since I started on Transfer Factor™ along with the Bio-EFA (essential fatty acids) and I have had absolutely no symptoms of the Crohn’s disease.  My weight is now 187 lb. and I feel great.  The best part is I now enjoy eating healthy foods that I couldn’t eat before

…  Dave D.


Glen is a diabetic and states that he has been taking insulin for 55 years. He would take 2-3 insulin injections a day. 8-10 months ago he started having problems in the muscles in his legs. The pain gradually worsened and he used a cane and then a wheelchair. The paramedics were at his home once or twice a week to help because of insulin reactions. He started using TF+ and no longer uses the wheelchair or the cane and the medic visits have stopped. He states that this is the best that he has ever felt and is amazed at the loving kindness and help form everyone…


My 6-year-old son has had terrible eczema all his life, yet 4Life™ Transfer Factor™, in just 2 months, has made significant improvements."   Anthony V.

Fatigue and headache … A lady in her 40's has been having these problems a long rime. Took TF and after a week, the headache got better. It's almost 2 months now and she's feeling so much better. She continues to take TF and has introduced it to her mum.

... TG/TW/Malaysia

Hepatitis C…

Kim is a 37 year old father of 4 children with advanced Hepatitis C, facing a long and expensive therapy with Interferon, a therapy fraught with many side effects.  Kim decided to give the immune boosting capabilities of TF and TF+ a chance to aid his own body's abilities to fight off viral infection, before he started this Interferon.  Although his results are still preliminary and very early, thus far Kim has had very encouraging results. After 4-5 months of fairly consistent use of TF and TF+, Kim's liver function tests have improved dramatically and at times are within normal limits. He FEELS so much better and the complicating factors of gastro-esophageal reflux (acid reflux) and constipation are now totally resolved.  He has voluntarily stopped all of his reflux and bowel medications.  His energy levels have increased and remain high, as long as he takes his immune boosters regularly.  He too looks forward to sharing this experience with others with Hep C and the physicians who treat these challenged people.  We wish Kim well in his goals of healing himself and others with 4LR

... David Markowitz MD.. Me


An early success with Immune Boosting naturally in a young man with HIV.  KG is a 20 year old with Hemophilia who contracted HIV many years ago from "dirty" clotting factors used to treat his Hemophilia.  KG has been on many regimens for his HIV, including most recently (within the past year), an experimental regimen with no positive response.  If anything, he suffered from many of the side effects of retroviral therapy.  Five months ago, KG started a high dose regimen of TF (3 caps 3 times daily) and TF+ (2 caps 3 times daily), concurrent with his experimental therapy.  He has remained infectious disease free throughout his TF boosting.  He also came to us with very exciting news three weeks ago: he has a ZERO viral count and an increasing, now close to normal CD4 count of 475.  Is Kenny out of the woods completely? No, but he is now well on his way to possibly being disease free. His next counts are scheduled for six weeks from now and we will keep all posted. Kenny is a peer counselor and educator for HIV/AIDS and he is now spreading the word about TF and TF+ to members of the AIDS community.  He is also a 4LR distributor and hopes to build a huge sales organization of persons challenged with HIV and Hepatitis C.  As such, he said that he would not have to deal with the prejudices against those infected with HIV: seems that 4LR may just give Kenny a NEW LIFE, on many different levels.  The power of TF/TF+ and 4LR continues


Infections. Sinus…

My partner Barbara and I have worked for four years with herbs & vitamins to restore my health. 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ has done that in less than 3 months.  Over the past four years, I have experienced chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, and other conditions.  I take every herb or vitamin I can get a hold of to build up my immune system.  In the last six months I have been on antibiotics 4 to 6 times with sinus infections.  I started taking 6 to 9 Transfer Factor™ a day.  Within three days I started breathing better than I had for four years. 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ is the only thing that has been able to bring my energy level back up to where it used to be

…   Julie C.

Imbalance hormones…

For years I have suffered from an imbalance in hormones.  Emotionally, I was on a roller coaster.  I am 49-years-old and have been on Premarin.  I have had fibrocystic cysts removed from my breast.  I love 4Life's™ FemPro™.  Since I have been on this wonderful product, my emotions have leveled off.  Lumps have stopped forming and my monthly cycle has normalized

…  Donna F.


"My mother, who has suffered with a serious kidney disease for the past 10 years, and tore her Achilles tendon away from the bone around a year ago, began taking transfer factors, along with Fibro AMJ, 7 days ago. She has been taking about 10-12 prescriptions for the above conditions, none of which had helped with her heel problems. Starting on the 4th day of taking the T.F. & Fibro AMJ (A.M.), at the recommended dosage of 3 each per day, she began to notice an improvement. Today, she says it's better than it's been for a very long time, and is reporting that she's also feeling an improvement in her general well-being. She must be, since over the past few days she has vacuumed her house, washed some windows, and washed & waxed her car. That's more activity than I've seen from her in years! Many thanks to everyone involved with these remarkable products. My mother-in-law is starting the same regimen next week. I'll keep you posted on her progress, as well."


Lupus …

I introduced TF in April to my pastor's wife. She has had a red rash on her face, neck, arms, and tummy for over a year. She has tried all kinds of very expensive creams and drugs that her doctor prescribed for her. Nothing had helped the rash. She started using TF RenewAll Cream a week ago along with the Transfer Factor. She also doubled up on the Transfer Factor a couple of weeks ago. Even before she started using the TF RenewAll Cream the rash started to disappear all over her body. Today, the rash is almost completely gone

… Floris/Michigan


When I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic Leukemia and my white cell count 29,000 per milliliter. Chemotherapy is recommended at white cells are at 40,000 per milliliter, and since starting transfer factors it has decreased gradually to 23,500… Monte R.

Mood swings and depressions … I have been taking Prozac (now know as Fluoxatine) for about 5 years. I have taken myself off this once or twice over this time, but the symptoms have always returned. Since being on TF, I have cut down my dosage by half. My next step will be to cut down to 1-2 caps weekly. I have done this before and the doctor said I may as well not be taking it, but I felt to have some of the drug in my system was a help. The real test will be when I have been off Fluoxatine for several months…

Multiple Sclerosis…

I am a mother of six and have 19 grandchildren. I’ve been on a lot of herbs for the last 5 or 6 years. I have MS and I was in bed all Oct. and Nov. of last year. I couldn’t walk and I had chronic migraines. I started taking   TF and I started feeling better. I had some strength and was not having problems with my legs and arms. It has now been 2 ½ months since I’ve had an episode with MS…


After the birth of my first child, I started having PMS. Over the years, the symptoms became worse and worse until I was experiencing three weeks of PMS every month.  I tried another wild yam cream, which was able to get rid of most of my symptoms.  Then, I started on the FemPro™ cream and I could tell the difference right away.  I will not go to bed or get up in the morning without it

…   Debra H.


Two to three times a year I get pneumonia and the last time was about a month and a half ago.  I became ill on a Saturday went to the doctors and was immediately put on antibiotics and went straight to bed.  A friend came over on Monday evening with TF+ and I started taking it on Tuesday.  I slept Tuesday, Wednesday I was able to unload the dishwasher, cook dinner and crochet two pairs of slippers.  Thursday I cleaned the kitchen, did some house cleaning, made dinner and even went out with a friend for an hour.  I couldn’t believe how I felt in such a short period of time.  I will never be without my TF

…  June


 I’ve had a female problem since I started my cycle as a teenager and was in a great deal of pain. My doctor prescribed a very strong reliever and I still was no getting any relief. My husband and I wanted to start a family but I was unable to get pregnant. A friend of mine introduced me to TF and within 1 month I was pain free and within2 months I was pregnant, I know God gave me a friend, knowing that she had TF to share with me

… Missy… SC

Parkinson’s …

I have a patient with Parkinson's disease who after being on TF for a couple of months noticed his tremors had subsided remarkably to the point of very little shakes, and slight speech improvement.

.... Deborah/Australia

Sinus …

Due to the stress of my job I developed tension headaches (back of head) for more than 10 years. At times quite bad and painful. I also developed sinus-like conditions about 6-7 years ago; sneezing frenzy, running nose and nasal congestion were common. And also there's the occasional throat infection. I also developed an ache and stiffness in the lower back. I tried many types of health supplements and herbal remedies that didn't help and medications only provided temporary relief. I took TF for a month and then a combination of TF/TF+. After a month my sinus conditions had improved considerably. After 2-3 months both my tension headache and sinus were gone and I also noticed improvement to my lower back. I was able to just get up and go; no problem with my lower back. This was a very pleasant surprise.



I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism for 4 years, to the extent that my Thryoid activity was nonexistent. During this time, I've been on different dosages of Synthroid medication & Cytomel with little to no effect. Within a week and a half of starting on transfer factors, I had blood work done. The blood work showed a positive result in my Thyroid activity. After continuing on the transfer factors for another month, to my surprise (and my doctor's) the results of my last blood work came back totally normal! Other than my "previous Thyroid condition," I also have Lupus, a condition that I have been plagued with for 7 years; but thanks to transfer factors I have more energy than ever, and I have not experience any pain in my joints since I started transfer factors. For me I can say that TF are a Godsend.

… Bianca Pagan

Weight loss …

I was overweight most of my life. I had tried lots of diets and was not successful. After 90 days on Shape4Life I lost 28 lbs and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol.


I had a baby last year and had not been able to lose the extra weight I gained while pregnant even though I exercised. After 2 ½ months on Shape 4Life I lost 16 lbs.


Animal Testimonies



Cancer …

About 4 months ago my 8 year Rottweiler, Daisy, developed a tumor in he paw. Diagnosed as a particularly fast growing, aggressive form of cancer, the prognosis was bleak - amputation or euthanasia. Neither option was acceptable, so I decided to put my knowledge of alternative health to work. The cancer began to spread as evidenced by swollen lymph nodes, spots on her lungs, an elevated white blood count, anemia, and elevated liver enzymes. My husband is a Naturopathic Physician and all of our animals have been treated holistically. Daisy's condition would be the ultimate challenge. We employed a variety of modalities - salve, supplements, intravenous treatments, and magnet therapy. We know her immune system was severely compromised and needed boosting for everything else to work at optimum levels. The Transfer Factor Stress Pack for Animals became a part of her daily regimen and the results were immediate and dynamic! Her most recent examination showed lymph nodes back to normal, the spots on the lungs nearly undetectable, blood work back to normal and her paw is healing with no sigh of the tumor. Of course, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to my wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Harvey at the Country Club Animal Clinic here in El Paso, Texas. She has been open to every out of the ordinary treatment we proposed and supporting us all the way. She is sending us referrals now and, of course, is recommending the Stress Pack so that others can benefit from this incredible product.

...Sandra Ben-Joseph/ Texas


Calf and TF …

My dad brought me a baby calf to bottle feed because her mom wasn't making enough milk to sustain her. She was approx. 2 weeks old and didn't take well to the bottle. Because she was in such shape I began giving her 10 TF a day for a day or two. After speaking to Bonnie I cut back to 6 a day as she said that was plenty. She also had a sore on her nose. It looked like she had scratched it on something, it healed up very nicely, never got infected or looked bad. I took a picture on 3/17/03 and another on 4/3/03 and it was totally haled. (the first day or two I also added some TF Canine to her milk supplement, as I didn't have a stress pack on hand and wanted to give her all the benefits I could) Brownie is doing great, I am so thankful to have the help of Transfer Factor and all of its great benefits for my whole family!




The above cases does not imply that taking Transfer Factor will cure you of the ailment. Although these people are taking Transfer Factor, they are also taking Doctor's medication. Transfer Factor will assist with boosting the body's immunity  system that allows the body to react on its own. We suggest that you do not consider these results typical. If you suffer from an illness it is our suggestion that you consult a medical doctor and please do not replace medication for the use of our product without being under the care of a medical professional.




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